Student Comments

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Why Hope College?

A.F. (Female Herbal Health Student) . . .


As someone who works full-time and has a family, Hope College has been a blessing for me. I am enrolled part-time and I am happy that the College offers in-class learning, not correspondence, so the time I spend learning is much more rewarding due to the social aspect which would not be possible if I had needed to obtain my diploma solely through other means. The times the classes are offered are flexible which help to accommodate work and family. And the small class sizes are beneficial to one-on-one help and more focused learning on the specific programs each student is in. The classes are fun and engaging and use different techniques to keep the students interested in what they are learning. The College has an obligatory practicum component for all programs so students can walk away with a diploma confident they have the tools they need to succeed in their field of choice. The diversity of courses offered help each student learn all aspects of owning and/or running their own business, not just specific material related to their field of choice, which I think is pretty unique and makes the programs offered that much more valuable to the students enrolled.


J.S. (Male Business Student) . . .   


The best thing about Hope College is the personal attention you receive from professors. Everyone is willing to help you even if they have finished teaching a specific course. As well, getting introduced to real-world situations through practicum courses and having the opportunity to land a job upon graduation is pretty impressive. The classes are fun and give students greater in-class experiences.

If you are looking for a college that gives you knowledge from text books as well as introduces you to the real work place, Hope College is for you. 🙂


M.O. (Female Exercise & Wellness Student) . . .


A great deal of why I like Hope College is related to how much money I can save while still attending school. I can live at home and use mom and dad’s wifi, and just focus on my classes and homework. I don’t have to drive two hours to get to school every day, or spend money on rising living costs.

I also like how each of the instructors in the courses is actually working in the fields of what they teach. Not only do you get to learn about the program, you are also starting to build connections. Knowing people is a major benefit for a person entering the workforce today.

Finally, for me as a country girl, I like that I don’t have to adjust to living in the city while I go to school. I love the country, and I want to stay here.

I’d ask, if you can get a college/university education while living at home, why wouldn’t you? Finding a decent job and earning money is what you do after post-secondary. If you have to pay for parking, food, electricity and tuition, you had better be rich or prepared to get a loan. And debt is never a nice thing.

The options Hope College gives to students are the kind that would make our community a better place.