Dual Credit Possibilities at Hope College!

Hope College is happy to offer the possibility of a “dual credit” scenario for interested high school students.  This option works particularly well for students enrolled in a home school scenario.

Hope College offers interested students the chance to be enrolled in select Hope College courses as a “pre-admitted” students.  Pre-admitted students are not required to be admitted to the College before they can begin taking courses and can take up to six (6) courses before they must complete the application process and be admitted to a Hope College program.  An official College transcript is created for all pre-admitted students and credits can eventually be applied to programs at Hope College and elsewhere.

Because pre-admitted students are simply taking a course(s) of material from Hope College, they are not considered as an admitted student at the College.  With such a standing, some homeschooling students have been able to use the courses as material that is credited towards the completion of their high school program.  Under this scenario, some homeschooling authorities are willing to consider some of the costs of the course(s) a legitimate educational expenses that may qualify for consideration for reimbursement under funding arrangements.

For more information on this possibility, please call Hope College at 403-856-8108 or email Hope College Info