Type of Organization: Private, Not-For-Profit, Post-Secondary Education
Incorporation Year: 2011
Location: Drumheller, AB
Chief education officer: Dave Watson
Board: Local Governance Board

2016 Board Membership

  1. Paul Andrew – Chair
  2. Jordan Webber – Secretary
  3. Bob Sargeant
  4. Julie Eskland – Treasurer
  5. Dave Watson – Staff Rep.

Community Member

  1. Brian Yanish
  2. Craig Lyon

Town of Drumheller Rep.

Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk

What is Hope College?

How does a region meet its community and economic development needs when traditional funding sources are not available? It must find alternative ways to accomplish these goals. This is the history of Hope College in Drumheller. For the past 30 years, the communities of East Central Alberta have understood the value that post-secondary education can add to the overall strength and development of the region but finding traditional sources of Provincial funding to establish a regional college never materialized. Drawing on the creative commitment of the Community Futures Big Country office, a plan was set in motion 3 years ago to establish a college in Drumheller that would serve the interests and needs of the rural communities in East Central.

Hope College was envisioned to bring a tangible measure of economic and community development hope to the region of East Central Alberta by providing young people with a credible and local post-secondary educational experience. Hope College is not the brainchild of an existing Alberta college/university but is being grown by grassroots stakeholders in East Central Alberta. While its programs have a distinct rural health and preventative healthcare flavour, it offers other programs that are designed to allow students to continue to live and work in the communities of our region. To that end, all of the programs are taught by local instructors and students develop a professional network that is locally based – one that will surely provide benefits when students are looking for that first full-time career job.

Today, Hope College offers programs in nursing, massage therapy, exercise & wellness, nutrition, justice, business and tourism with new programs developed and offered each year. All programs at Hope College have been designed to qualify for Alberta Student Loan funding as licensed programs through the Private Vocational Training Branch of Advanced Education and where necessary, have been recognized for professional credentialing.
January 2014