Mission Statement:

The mission of Hope College is to deliver post-secondary education programs that offer excellence in vocational training within a unique rural context, focussing on the successful development of the whole student to produce highly competent skilled graduates who will confidently bring hope to the communities within which they live and work. The vision of Hope College is to become a nationally recognized centre for unique specializations in health care and human service post-secondary educational programming that produce highly skilled graduates known for their ability and desire to help bring tangible expressions of hope into society in which they live and work.

Don’t believe us? Listen to the students . . . (part 1)

A.F. (Female Herbal Health Student) . . .
As someone who works full-time and has a family, Hope College has been a blessing for me. I am enrolled part-time and I am happy that the College offers in-class learning, not correspondence, so the time I spend learning is much more rewarding due to the social aspect which would not be possible if I had needed to obtain my diploma solely through other means. The times the classes are offered are flexible which help to accommodate work and family. And the small class sizes are beneficial to one-on-one help and more focused learning on the specific programs each student is in. The classes are fun and engaging and use different techniques to keep the students interested in what they are learning. The College has an obligatory practicum component for all programs so students can walk away with a diploma confident they have the tools they need to succeed in their field of choice. The diversity of courses offered help each student learn all aspects of owning and/or running their own business, not just specific material related to their field of choice, which I think is pretty unique and makes the programs offered that much more valuable to the students enrolled.

Hope College Advisory Council First Meeting

The Hope College Advisory Council was convened for the first time on the afternoon of February 20, 2015. The Council provided strategic feedback on three critical issues.

First, the Council affirmed the name “Hope College.”  While the Council noted that the name could give the impression that the school had a religious undertone, it also noted that the name appropriately reflected a general sense of need for ‘hope’ as experienced by rural communities in Alberta. By the end of the discussion the Council scored the name with a value of 7 (out of 10).

Second, the Council supported the College in its two initial program concentrations which focus on the local economy and healthcare. Within these concentrations, the Council advised the Board to continue to develop the healthcare emphasis with additional “conventional health care programs” that could lead directly to careers in the Alberta health system.  As well, the Council believed that a strategic program could be developed in the existing Business program with the inclusion of an agriculture theme.  In addition to these two concentrations, the Council saw value in the concepts of a first-year university track along with a “dual credit” strategy which would allow a high school student to take courses used toward the completion of a high school diploma as well as recognition in a college-level program.

Third, the Council members all believed that the idea of Hope College was critically important to the community of Drumheller and the region of East Central Alberta.  When asked whether or not the remaining two-years of start-up costs totalling $250,000 was worth the effort of fundraising, the response of the Council participants was overwhelmingly affirming.

The advice and recommendations of the Council will now be taken under consideration by the Hope College Board of Directors which is scheduled for its next meeting on February 26, 2015.

For more information on Hope College or the Hope College Advisory Council, please contact Hope College at: (403) 856-8108 or email at Hope College Info.

Beekeeping 101!

One of the central values of Hope College is the promotion of learning modules that will lead people toward better health. One opportunity the College would like to offer local residents is to explore the health properties of local honey. Honey is a natural food source that has been used over the centuries for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Sore throat? Try honey. Sleepless? Try honey. Need to boost your immune system? Try honey. Looking for a natural source of energy? Try honey.

And what is important in recognizing the medicinal value of honey is noting that “local honey” is generally best for you.

So . . . do you wish you knew what it takes to generate your own source of local honey? Would you like to know how to care for your own bees? Do you believe in the health value of locally created honey? Would you like to be in a position to think about having your own bee hives?

In partnership with Hope Clinic, Hope College is hosting a short course on “private beekeeping” led by apiarist Paul Andrew. Paul will teach you what you need to know to consider producing your own healthy source of honey right here in the Drumheller area! Come learn what beekeeping is all about.

This short course meets on Thursday evenings at 7pm starting on March 5, 2015 and runs for 6 consecutive weeks. The cost of the course is $300.

For more information, call Hope College at 403-856-8108 or email us at Hope College Info

Dual Credit Possibilities at Hope College!

Hope College is happy to offer the possibility of a “dual credit” scenario for interested high school students.  This option works particularly well for students enrolled in a home school scenario.

Hope College offers interested students the chance to be enrolled in select Hope College courses as a “pre-admitted” students.  Pre-admitted students are not required to be admitted to the College before they can begin taking courses and can take up to six (6) courses before they must complete the application process and be admitted to a Hope College program.  An official College transcript is created for all pre-admitted students and credits can eventually be applied to programs at Hope College and elsewhere.

Because pre-admitted students are simply taking a course(s) of material from Hope College, they are not considered as an admitted student at the College.  With such a standing, some homeschooling students have been able to use the courses as material that is credited towards the completion of their high school program.  Under this scenario, some homeschooling authorities are willing to consider some of the costs of the course(s) a legitimate educational expenses that may qualify for consideration for reimbursement under funding arrangements.

For more information on this possibility, please call Hope College at 403-856-8108 or email Hope College Info

Two New Doctors at Hope College!

Hope College is pleased to announce that two new doctors are teaching courses in the College this semester.  Dr. Rahim Modelina is teaching Introduction to Biology and Dr. Stephanie Andrews is teaching Biological Chemistry.

For more information on these instructors, these courses or any of the programs at Hope College, please call: 403-856-8108 or email Hope College Info


Waiting for CLPNA

The development plans for Hope College target the eventual delivery of a Licensed Practical Nursing program here in Drumheller.  In June of 2014 and in partial response to the unfortunate failure of the launch of a new nursing program in one of Alberta’s largest cities, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) initiated a review of their protocols for establishing new nursing education sites in the Province.  That review was to be completed in December 2014 but has now been delayed until at least March 2015.  Upon completion of that review and the re-publication of the protocols for establishing new LPN delivery sites in Alberta, Hope College will consider the best path forward to launching a program for interested students.

Matching Challenge Part II

Hope College is grateful to a group of local business and individuals who have stepped up this fall with contributions totalling $30,000!

As this group has given, they have set us a challenge to go and find another group of people who will support the College with an equal amount of donation support.  So we are “out and about town” looking for people who also believe in the importance of Hope College and are willing to join the growing list of supporters.

For more information or to give a charitable donation, please call the College at 403-856-8108!

Hope College Goes to MECCA

Hope College was invited to attend the semi-annual meeting of the Management Education Coordinating Council of Alberta (MECCA) on Friday, October 24 at the University of Calgary.

The mandate of MECCA is to facilitate the coordination of the development and delivery of post-secondary education in the disciplines of business and management.  Of particular concern for MECCA is the establishment and maintenance of transferability standards and protocols between programs at post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

“Someone wondered whether or not I was travelling to Saudi Arabia last week and I assured them that this was not my destination. Instead, the MECCA meeting I attended at the University of Calgary was extremely timely and important for the continued development of the programs at Hope College, particularly the diploma programs in Business and Tourism,” Dr. Jon Ohlhauser, President of Hope College.

“I was pleased that the members of MECCA – representatives from all of the public and private post-secondary academic institutions in Alberta – regarded Hope College as different from a traditional private vocational or career college.  They recognized that our curriculum shares more in common with them than it does with a private career college and to that end they were quite interested in engaging in conversations that will formalize the pathways for students to transfer credit from Hope College to the Universities in Alberta.  I expect that we will see the first official transferability confirmations from Alberta Universities before the end of this academic year,” Dr. Ohlhauser.

As a community based and oriented school, Hope College is committed to assisting the community and region establish stable, continual and local post-secondary options for students.  While healthcare remains a priority program area for continual development, Hope College desires to see all of its programming developed so that students can choose to take a quality post-secondary experience right here in East-Central Alberta.

Badlands Community Facility

The Badlands Community Facility is the official training location for students enrolled in programs at Hope College that focus on health and wellness.  This state of the art facility provides students the opportunity to work with the latest equipment and programs related to health and fitness.  In addition, through their Student Development Fees, all students receive a full-year membership to the BCF and Drumheller Aquatic Centre.  This win-win partnership provides students with the option to pursue their personal health and wellness goals while also providing additional memberships to the BCF and Aquatic Centre.