Mission Statement:

The mission of Hope College is to deliver post-secondary education programs that offer excellence in vocational training within a unique rural context, focussing on the successful development of the whole student to produce highly competent skilled graduates who will confidently bring hope to the communities within which they live and work. The vision of Hope College is to become a nationally recognized centre for unique specializations in health care and human service post-secondary educational programming that produce highly skilled graduates known for their ability and desire to help bring tangible expressions of hope into society in which they live and work.

Diploma in Massage Therapy Starting Soon!

The Hope College Massage Therapy Diploma (2200 hour) is to provide students with an optimal educational experience that will qualify them for entry into a career as a registered massage therapist or for further education toward a baccalaureate degree. The program is offered in an environment where the value of integrative
healthcare is celebrated.

Start Date is January 9th, 2017

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Don’t believe us? Listen to the students . . . (part 1)

A.F. (Female Herbal Health Student) . . .
As someone who works full-time and has a family, Hope College has been a blessing for me. I am enrolled part-time and I am happy that the College offers in-class learning, not correspondence, so the time I spend learning is much more rewarding due to the social aspect which would not be possible if I had needed to obtain my diploma solely through other means. The times the classes are offered are flexible which help to accommodate work and family. And the small class sizes are beneficial to one-on-one help and more focused learning on the specific programs each student is in. The classes are fun and engaging and use different techniques to keep the students interested in what they are learning. The College has an obligatory practicum component for all programs so students can walk away with a diploma confident they have the tools they need to succeed in their field of choice. The diversity of courses offered help each student learn all aspects of owning and/or running their own business, not just specific material related to their field of choice, which I think is pretty unique and makes the programs offered that much more valuable to the students enrolled.

Dual Credit Possibilities at Hope College!

Hope College is happy to offer the possibility of a “dual credit” scenario for interested high school students.  This option works particularly well for students enrolled in a home school scenario.

Hope College offers interested students the chance to be enrolled in select Hope College courses as a “pre-admitted” students.  Pre-admitted students are not required to be admitted to the College before they can begin taking courses and can take up to six (6) courses before they must complete the application process and be admitted to a Hope College program.  An official College transcript is created for all pre-admitted students and credits can eventually be applied to programs at Hope College and elsewhere.

Because pre-admitted students are simply taking a course(s) of material from Hope College, they are not considered as an admitted student at the College.  With such a standing, some homeschooling students have been able to use the courses as material that is credited towards the completion of their high school program.  Under this scenario, some homeschooling authorities are willing to consider some of the costs of the course(s) a legitimate educational expenses that may qualify for consideration for reimbursement under funding arrangements.

For more information on this possibility, please call Hope College at 403-856-8108 or email Hope College Info